The ability to get work done can be scaled. Enough riches can be gained if you get people to do the work. But people are difficult, and getting them to do what you want to be done is more work sometimes than getting the work done.

True Power, therefore, lies in getting the work done, so here are four levers given by Chanakya himself and they are Saam, Dham, Dand, Bhed.

Saam - Persuasion

Just having articulation skills don’t work, you need to get people’s attention and people will pay attention when their interest align with you. You can use the power of your tongue or pen to change minds & hearts.

No wonder most politicians are good orators. Writers also have the power to change your beliefs.

Dham - Money

You can get the work done by paying people officially or unofficially. I feel this should be used as a last resort, cause you are transferring your money into another’s pocket directly.

Dand - Punishment

People in positions of power use this indiscriminately for eg your Boss for instance.

Bhed - Division

This is one of the most ingenious tools, it is Machiavellian in nature. But it is permanent. For Instance, The British ruled India, by dividing Hindus and Muslims. Similarly, people use this in various ways, suppose there is a big property that was inherited by the two brothers. The developer can divide the brothers by creating conflict between them, this means litigation and the urge to settle the case and cheaper terms for the developer.