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We give them tremendous knowledge about our products, our company everything. To support your salesforce, you have to do two things. One is you have to provide marketing; you cannot put on the shoulder of individual salesmen to do the marketing as well.

You have to teach the salesman exactly what the current reality tree of his market is, the way to offer the solution, what are the obstacles that most likely the customer has and how he can help the customer to overcome the obstacles if you don’t do all this process you can’t complain that they don’t know how to sell.

The function of marketing more over provides now marketing into the market so that much more qualified names will come to you with minimum effort and much better qualification; that’s the job of marketing, and you have to do it as a company. The second one is you as companies have to do an analysis of your market, the current quality of the market, and the core problems.

How could I present it not as an offer but as a solution? What are the likely obstacles the person will find, and how to overcome them? That’s what should be the sales process; that’s what we have to teach them and then make sure for every sake that all of the production can support exactly what the salesperson is because otherwise, you will drastically affect the reliability of your company, and the whole spiral down starts.