These are the highlights from the talks. If you are curious about what are the most important metrics to track for growth. This talk will help you understand that.

Alex mostly talks about retention rates.

  • He says before Facebook, companies were talking about the total number of users.

  • Zuck focussed on MAU (Monthly Active Users)

  • He says MAU will vary and will be different as per the type of company. For example for an e-commerce company, a retention rate of says 30-40% is good, but for a social network it has to be above 80%/

Then He talks about Magic Moments after Signups

  • He says once a user signed into Facebook, he would see FB friends suggestions, that he says is the magic moment for the user.

North Star Metric

  • He says one of their most important metrics besides MAU was to get the user ten friends in 14 days.

  • Another important metric for them was to scale up Internationally as they were late to launch.

Well, that is a short summary. Watch the video below if you are into Growth Hacking

Alex Shultz